Thursday, June 23, 2016

New photo pages and video of a Nepali bus ride!

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Sorry for such a long delay in between posts, guys. I just wanted to share a few updates!

1 - I have a new Facebook page devoted to my budding photography. I will be incorporating my fundraising efforts for the Snow Leopard Trust when I can via eBay auctions of my prints, etc. Visit the following link to check it out -

2 - I also have a new Instagram account where I will be doing the same as with the Facebook page. The link is right here -

3 - Lastly I want to share a video of a bus ride I took in Nepal. This was taken coming back from the Last Resort to Kathmandu. In it are the villages of Ghati and Bahrabise. At 1:10-1:15 in you will see just how terrifying some of these roads are! More importantly, if you look closely you will see the utter destruction I saw. These villages were close to the epicenter of a second quake on May 12th that registered a 7.3 on the richter scale. If you are able to find it in your heart to give even a few dollars the organization I recommend is the Cloudbase Foundation. A friend of mine has done a lot of spectacular and selfless work in the last year plus and belongs to this group. Visit for more. Check below for the video.

4 - Lastly, THANK YOU! So far between this site and my fundraising odds and ends, you all have helped give over $1,700 to help the Snow Leopard Trust! It may not sound like a gigantic number but you can help by donating. Remember that any amount is better than zero. Don't ever let anyone dissuade you from giving even a few dollars by saying it won't help. It will!

I still have a good amount of GoPro videos to sift through and will try to post more within the next few weeks. I hope all of you are well and again, THANK YOU!

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