Saturday, June 29, 2013

Videos from the Annapurna Circuit Trek are up!

Videos from my trip!

Video from my trip that I took is now up! Below is a playlist of ten videos I put together, complete with music I felt fit the mood of each one. All of the video is from my phone. The ten videos in the playlist total 41 minutes worth of footage. Enjoy them and please share with others!

HINT: On the youtube display, you will see on the top of it "Playlist Nepal 2012 - Annapurna Circuit Trek! (12 videos)". If you click on that, thumbnails for the videos will show up, allowing you to easily navigate between the videos and any ones you want to watch!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Mark Buehrle and Hope Rescues

Hope Animal Rescues!

As one would know from my "About me" page, I work behind a bar. I'm an avid baseball fan, so during the summer months, I sometimes will get visiting ballplayers grabbing lunch before they head to the park. Today, Mark Buehrle was at the bar. He's currently in his first season with the Toronto Blue Jays. When he was traded from the Miami Marlins to the Jays, a problem came up - his ownership of a pitbull. This link is the story I read back in February.

Eventually, I asked about this story and if there had been any progress made. Unfortunately there hasn't, but he does seem hopeful. I then asked if there was a program that he had or that he supported that I could help give to or spread the word about. I was directed to the Hope Animal Rescues in Illinois. They are a shelter that helps give foster homes and second chances to animals that would otherwise be put down. Click here to visit their website.

I feel this site goes hand-in-hand with what I tried to do with World Wildlife Fund. Animals don't have the same abilities that we do. They need our help moreso sometimes. As one co-worker put it, "Sometimes I feel worse when someone is abusing an animal than when they abuse another person." Animals, be they domestic or wild, many times can't fight their own fight. We should step up and not only help each other, but those that can't help themselves.

I hope all of you are well, and soon I will showcase some of the video I took during the trip! More posts about the last five days of the Annapurna Circuit Trek will be coming, too!