Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Annapurna Circuit Trek: Day 12

DAY 12: Marpha to Kalopani

Day twelve started rather late. This was the last time I would see the troop that was biking the Circuit Trek. After breakfast I set off rather late. That seemed to be the theme for the entire trek save for a couple of days. Thankfully I made some good time each day and felt stronger every day.

This was a very long day. After a brief stop to rest in Tukuche, I soldiered on and tried to make up a bit of the time I lost. The views leaving Tukuche were absolutely breathtaking. Seeing fields sparsely populated with the towering Himalayan peak Dhaulagiri in the distance would strike awe in practically any person. Next was Larjung.
Originally I was to stay here for the night. This was the next major village after Tukuche. A quick lunch of dal bhat and a snap decision was made to push on.

If memory serves correctly - Dhaulagiri beyond the southern edge of Tukuche

Pressing on, I initially avoided the recommended path that would go around and past Kalopani. At first I regretted this decision. Basically most of the area I trekked was on the newly constructed road. In days to come this would come back to bite me in the ass. I certainly much preferred hiking along the paths. More intimate views and less rocks to cause my feet to buckle! The ankles can only tolerate that so many times.

By about 4:30 PM I had arrived in Kalopani. I took the Lonely Planet guide's choice for a place to stay with the Kalopani Guest House. This was by far the nicest accommodations I would have on the entire trek. It's not to speak ill of the other places I stayed at. This place was relatively new and seemed to take a lot of pride in their work. Westernized bathrooms meant a relatively hot shower. It was needed.

In the meantime I took the chance to play with the camera and take some pictures as the sun was going down. Annapurna was off in the distance as was Takuche. Dhaulagiri was in view for a short time but clouds would obscure this beast. After a good dinner I relaxed with a movie on the tablet and rested up for the following day.

Annapurna I

Cost: 2600 Rs
Approx. distance trekked: 17 km
Next up: Kalopani to Ghasa