Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Mystique of Manang

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Not long ago I dug up some old audio I took of a brief interview I did with the owner of a guesthouse in Manang, Nepal. I initially was wanting to try to submit a piece in some way to PRI's "The World". They are a great resource to hear some amazing news stories from around the globe via the avenue of public radio. While I didn't end up using this audio for them, I decided to finally put something together. It's an amalgamation of snippets of the short interview, pictures I took on the last Nepal trip, and music. The song in this video is "Complex Heaven" by Brian Eno. The mood of the song - as well as the title! - is incredibly fitting. I hope you guys enjoy it! If you can, please click the link above to donate to my fundraiser for the Snow Leopard Trust!

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