Sunday, April 6, 2014

Raising money for Snow Leopards? Yep! And Patagonia pics soon!

Soon I will be switching who I help to fundraise for. For about two years I've worked to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. To coincide with my trip next fall to trek in the Everest region in Nepal I will be working to help raise money for the Snow Leopard Trust. Hopefully within two to three weeks I will have this switch made completely. Not just on here but on our Facebook page.

As of now the Snow Leopard Trust doesn't have individual fundraising pages like the World Wildlife Fund so it may be a bit harder to update how much any of you would donate as a whole but perhaps we will figure out a way. Perhaps a referral note? I will look into this. In any case I want to thank everyone that has been supportive of what I've tried to do. It's only a small thing but if everyone did just a couple of small, helpful things? The world would be so much better off. Don't get discouraged or overwhelmed - just act!

Also! I will soon be adding a tab where pictures from my recent trip to Patagonia will be located. Perhaps I will try to use the sale of prints of some of these pictures as a way to help garner donations. Again, the idea stage is a work in progress. Keep checking back!

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